Third kind encounters

Abnormal silhouettes, elongated faces and fearless attitude are portrayed in a fashionable way in the following mix of editorials which take their inspiration on life outside of Earth. This extraterrestrial images bring us to a close encounter of the third kind in a stylish and appealing form. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

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Style & Contrast

Matthew Shave’s use of hard light, colorful contrasts, and creative thinking combine together creating a powerful effect on his work, which depicts a story twisted with a little irony and lots of imagination. The photographer’s vision and style had taken him to work with major brands and magazines such as Jimmy Choo, Elle, Vogue , Selfridges and others. Continue reading

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Dark Twenties

Hand-made metal couture accessories, heavy jewelry, and a striking enigmatic flare gives us a mysterious and shady look back into the alluring twenties, keeping the romanticism but making it more edgy and fascinating with a touch of darkness.








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Deconstructing beauty

Alex Box, a ground-breaking make-up artist who’s aim is to explore  the relationship between art, science, nature and the magical through her outrageous imagination. Each creation takes into consideration not only the model, but the mood, the moment and feelings which form different faces of beauty.

Boundaries within make-up and art are challenged and destroyed by Alex’s unusual techniques, she is not afraid in exploring possibilities such as  mixing pigments with icing-sugar or post-its in order to create exotic, fantastical and new expressive ranges of beauty.

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Unique Masses

Hordes of chaotic bodies compose the intriguing aesthetic work of Claudia Rogge, creating  a unique and infinite atmosphere  in her photographs, installations and performances. Rogge simulates her own vision on masses by developing a magical scenario where the crowd performs with different elements such as foam, masks, paint, tattoos, paper, ecc… Changing our view on masses from ordinary to strong, powerful and beautiful.

The artist focuses on expressing how today, people are taught to develope an absolute individuality which in the end is determined by mass media and mass consumption, but Rogge‘s work is also stating the uniqueness of the patterns and rhythms produced by masses .

Claudia Rogge makes an impact on the viewer  who will certainly question individuality, conformity and of course masses.

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Greek designer Maria Mastori is the master creator of super-sized jewelry since 2005. Her pieces carry a tribal inspiration using different materials such as: gold, silver, wood, onyx, silk, crystal and marble.

Maria is sure growing strong in her native country, not only had her pieces been published in magazines such as Elle and Vogue, but also high-profile clients follow her faithfully, feeling a distinctive attraction to her unique, powerful and incredibly beautiful jewelry.

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Masked Couture

Breaking fashion and art boundaries, Manuel Albarràn, is the great mind behind a new artistic concept we now recognize as “Metal Couture”.  The Spanish designer creates unique and magnificent headpieces and masks that also interact with the body, made with all different kinds of metals, and combined with feathers, fabric, leather and wood, each and every single one of his pieces has a distinctive insight on history, retro-warriors, science fiction and fetishism, however, they are well transformed into a futuristic look.

The most interesting part about Manuel’s work, is how it defies the traditional idea of a mask, which is meant to hide the identity and emotions of a person and create a new being. However, Manuel created a new way of cosmetic application, where by hiding some features, revealing others, and creating new ones, the wearer is forced to interact and relate with the mask, allowing a fierce double identity to be born.

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